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Secure copy protection solutions for all tasks.
Plugin download The most secure solutions for digital images, documents and web pages.
Plugin Downloads

    -  Internet Explorer - Avant, Green, Maxthon, Sleipner, Slim
    -  Mozilla browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Flock, K-meleon, Navigator, Opera, Safari

Internet Explorer Security Settings

     -  Check that JavaScript is enabled
     -  Check that ActiveX is enabled to allow for Signed ActiveX controls,
     -  After installation IE needs to be restarted for the plugin to be included in Managed Add-ons.

Firefox Security Settings

Firefox uses a different plugin to Internet Explorer.

     -  Check that JavaScript is enabled
     -  Check that the ArtistScope Plugin is enabled

Plugin removal

To remove a ArtistScope plugin from your computer, use Control Panel > Add remove programs. Then restart your computer.

Web developers

When testing different types of browsers on the same machine you may encounter problems caused by caching of downloads and unpacked installers. Different browsers can use different Java versions.

More information

     -  Internet Explorer Information Bar
     -  Enable JavaScript
     -  Enable ActiveX
     -  Return to the plugin help page

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Clearing cache
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Enable ActiveX
Enable JavaScript
Plugin removal
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